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Originally Posted by Pixelrush View Post
Quick question here, are you gonna wait for a couple of completed signups to be posted so you can pick the ones you find the most interesting or are you gonna accept the first four ones that are posted and that you find acceptable?

Also, can I make up a RP sample, seeing as I don't have any from this site to post? xD
I think when I see a SU that I really like, I'll accept it :3
If I don't enjoy the way someone writes, I might ask them to change their RP sample a bit and to post in another way than they usually do in the RP, so that the whole thing - everyone's posts together - will be more pleasant to read. We learn and evolve with every RP we enter, don't we?

And yeah, you can make it up if you really don't have a sample ready. Write in the way you would write a post in this RP :3

I'll read your SUs now and write a little on my own.