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    Here is Part 7! In this part, I introduce something I've found quite useful in my LP of White 1: battle themes. Basically, this is where if there's a long and boring battle, I speed it up and set it to some background music that's appropriate for the Pokemon battling. Each of my Pokemon has its own "theme" this way. You'll see this demonstrated three times in this video.

    In case you're wondering what song each theme is, I've started a list of all my Pokemon's battle themes, which you'll find in the first post of this thread ("List of Pokemon Battle Themes", above the first video). I will add to this list as I introduce more themes in future videos.

    The title of this video actually refers to my mom and Roxie's dad, since my dad never appears in this game (at least I don't think so--I have yet to play the end of Black 2 to figure out whether he does).

    Part 7: Annoying Mom, Clueless Dad

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