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    Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post
    Just letting everyone know that I am restarting the hack.
    No changes will be made.
    The reason why I am restarting is for me to try and see if I can avoid the mentioned bugs.
    I tried fixing the ROM but the game crashes on me.

    Restarting won't take long though.
    Only the animation will probably consume my time, but that will be done later.


    In the next beta, probably yes.

    I am not sure what 'formula' you are referring to. =/
    SkyLine has a generic story, and a dark story (if the players can trigger the event, but so far, none had seemed to have done it).
    I was talking about the old "Leave starting town, get 8 badges, defeat evil team, beat Pokemon League" formula that has been present in all official games and even on most hacks. LoG did break the formula by putting a more stronger emphasis in the Legendary Pokemon storyline and stopping the Dark Organization and Team Earth, albeit while at the same time keeping the badges story sidelined. I was actually quite surprised at the absence of a real Victory Road/E4 and how the story was completed before the 8th gym battle. But I mean that in a good way.