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Cult Crusades

Game Over

With a cold, quick killing, the Pope of Orthodox Pepsism had found himself alone. The core members of the rival Pusheenism entered his chambers and drowned him in a vat of LA Ice. They never had found Bard's Coke stash.

Pecilia is dead. He was the Pope of Orthodox Pepsism.

Kitty, Nakuzami, Nick Wilde, jdthebud and Impulse win!


Pecilia as the Pope of Orthodox Pepsism
Ho-oh as the Pope of Fire
Bardothren as the Pope of Bardburgerism
Kitty as the Pope of Pusheenism

Bidoof FTW as a Watcher of Orthodox Pepsism
Abby as Spymaster of Bardburgerism
Easy Money Sniper as the Unaligned Priest (Doc)
Nakuzami as a Follower of Pusheenism
TailsMK4 as the Watcher of Orthodox Pepsism
Nick Wilde as the Zealot of Pusheenism
Desox as Follower of Orthodox Pepsism
Charlie Brown as a Follower of Fire
jdthebud as the Infiltrator of Pusheenism
Neon Sword as a Follower of Orthodox Pepsism
Killua as a Follower of Orthodox Pepsism
Impulse~ as the Assassin of Pusheenism

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