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    Originally Posted by roosterman View Post
    if this mr. XY is serious, we'll be able to see other people on their journeys and challenge them. i want that so bad! having miiverse on it is really helping him prove himself. i guess we can't be sure until the 15th when we will supposedly get more news.

    i just got this strange thought yesterday, he says the company is telling some of the employees about this rather then keeping it secret. could this be an advertising tactic? telling employees to keep something secret, and they get free advertisement to keep hype for the game up. or maybe they actually hired this guy to "leak" everything they tell him.
    I disagree with the other reply to this. I think nintendo has realized that the fans for the most part like having the game spoiled. From who i have talked with they all said that it will just gets them more excited for the game, so maybe nintendo realized this and don't mind having someone leak the info because the fans will enjoy it and they would still make money. I think some ideas in this rumor are plausible while others are not. I like some of the evolutions ideas though. Also to the above post i see that reasonable to. He may have given us the names and places but we have no idea what they look like or any key plots to the game so i don't see why it is unreasonable beside the fact it comes from 4chan.