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    I'm not sure if this is programmable, but the "special" forms of Missingno. (aerodactyl fossil, kabutops fossil, and ghost [seen without silph scope]) will take on the moveset and TM/HM set of the pokemon that was last in the game's memory.
    Meaning that if you look up, say, Squirtle, in the pokedex or checked a squirtle's stats or waited for one to appear on the title screen or saw one in the hall of fame, and then encountered a "special" missingno., after catching it, it would have the moveset and TM/HM set of a lv 1 Squirtle.
    You can't change the moves of an already caught Missingno, but you CAN change its TM set. That means that just by looking up a pkmn that can learn a particular TM will let you teach that TM to Missingno. This means that Missingno. can learn all the TMs and HMs.
    Note: This "copy" ability ONLY works for the "special" Missingno.s. It does not work for the pixely Missingno. or 'M.
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