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    Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
    I can only really speak for American, but here racism is still pretty bad since you still have disproportionate numbers of white and non-white people in lots of places like government (more whites), prisons (more non-whites), and so on.

    Just look at the reaction in 2008 when Obama was elected and you can see that there's still a lot of racial prejudice out there.
    Blacks were more impacted by race in their vote than were other ethnic groups. According to exit polls, 95% of Blacks voted for Obama in 2008 and 93% voted for him in 2012.

    Whites who voted for opponents of Obama did so 55% and 59%, in 2008 and 2012 respectively, less polarized.

    The point being, racial preferences are not exclusively a white thing. People usually trust those within their own ethnic groups more than those who are not within their ethnic group. Additionally, remember the response to both Bush elections? People were very frustrated that he was elected, especially the second time. Just because a few people, very few, were upset about the color of his skin, doesn't mean the majority of dissenters were not upset about substantive issues such as disagreements over the instituted policies during his first term.

    Further, very few blacks run for Congress due to financial constraints, less opportunity from education and family background as statistically speaking they are likely to come from indigent families. Thus, white people are not voting for them, since they are not running as often. The electorate is not responsible for ensuring black candidates run or voting in order to make racial representation proportional.

    Beyond racial preferences, racism and persecution is a fabricated issue in the United States.
    News Media has blown out of proportion cases like the Trayvon Martin Case as racially charged, exemplifying how white men are able to get away with murdering an ingenuous black youth. When in fact, Zimmerman is a racial minority, a Peruvian Hispanic. Further, the preponderance of evidence indicates that Trayvon Martin was the aggressor in the scuffle, and the innocent portrayal they continue to broadcast is contrary to his record of being suspended from school several times for drug possession, graffiti, theft, and truancy. Additionally, he had been walking under the eaves of homes, as witnesses corroborate, which made his conduct suspicious and illegal (trespassing). This case had nothing to do with race, if there was a non-black person walking in other people's yards, it's likely Zimmerman would have taken a similar discourse. Though, I don't agree with Zimmerman's discourse in confronting the suspicious behavior on his own. No evidence indicates that there was racial motivation; the FBI's investigation corroborates that as well as the current trial.

    In reality, white on black crime is rare; 90% of black homicides are performed by other blacks. Most ethnic groups usually exhibit more violence within their ethnic groups in the united states. This unwarranted attention to this trial creates racial divides and obfuscates real issues such as black poverty and crime rates. Unwarranted attention to racism itself creates more racial tensions given the warped depiction of racial relations in perpetuates.

    Blacks do commit more theft, drug-related offense, murder, ect., in comparison to other racial groups proportionately. This is the issue that needs to be addressed, but when it is, self-proclaimed civil rights advocate are quick to pronounce the speaker as racist. Thus, cutting off the dialogue. Social Welfare programs have been the bandages to this issue. The representatives cannot discuss the issue for political suicide, so instead, they throw money to these families, which simply encourages dependency on programs for personal and family sustenance.

    So I recapitulate. Racism is not the issue; the issue is the fabrication of racism in America and broken dialogue, of which whites, blacks, and other ethnic groups all suffer.
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