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Kaylor Desani
Edge of Eterna Forest

Kaylor had heard grumbling but when she looked down at her pokemon companion she realized it was actually growling. Jasper had his lips pulled back in a snarl and was looking off in the darkness. She squinted and thought maybe she saw a sillohette, but she couldn’t be sure. It was just too dark and she didn’t have the eyesight of a pokemon.


Improved eyesight she may not have, but she didn’t have to have super-senses to hear that.

Who’s there?” The girl demanded, standing taller to portray she wasn’t scared and to seem more threatening... even though there could be plenty of things out there to be scared of and though she was tall, her slender frame would not frighten many. Despite this, she advanced with the fire dog at her side.

Cold grey eyes focused on a boy with a ditto. A tension in her chest, that she hadn’t realized was there, lifted. It was immediately replaced with anger.

What are you doing, spying on me?” Snarled the Pure-Hearted girl, not unlike the sound her pokemon was making, only with distinguishable words.

She sized the kid up while impatiently waiting for his answer. Judging from the direction he was traveling, he was also probably coming from Jubilife City and the ditto at his side clearly stated he was also Pure-Hearted. She did not regard him as a threat but she still wanted to know what he was doing out here, she did not believe it was just a happy coincidence that she ran into him moments after waking up -- in the middle of deserted territory. And though she wasn’t great at guessing ages she thought he couldn’t yet even be an early teen. What was he doing out here alone? This was a time of crisis, you didn’t just let your kids wander around in the middle of the night... or probably very early morning at this point.

Let the storm rage on....
The cold never bothered me anyway.


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