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    Originally Posted by Soapyyy View Post
    Hello! I looked through your list and didn't find it, so sorry if that's an idiot question or I'm just blind;
    Do you happen to have the last hat-Pikachu, "Pokémon I Choose You - Theatre Distribution (Ga-Olé Disc)". I don't know what's the deal with that Event, Serebii says the start date was on July 15th :/
    As far as I know, that was just the Kanto Hat Pikachu released differently. No one talked about it on my end either lol.

    Originally Posted by Ida13 View Post
    Hi, I have an event shiny Gyrados from gen 4. I also have a shiny Zorua, shinx, magikarp, and Tapu Koko. I'm interested in your shiny litten, I would trade any of these pokemon, or a few of them, for it. Thanks!
    I can do Zorua for Litten :)
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