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    Originally Posted by RogueZero0 View Post
    Hello, I was looking at your trade list and got interested in a pokemon that would be one of the last needed for my collection, the Marshadow(Jolly) one.
    I know it is pretty rare, but I have a couple shinys I could trade that were caught by me and are untouched after the capture. The ones I have are: Carvanha, Wailmer, Skrelp, Ralts(male), magikarp and Lugia(from trade and not UT). Of course, I can give you 2-3 for it if you are interested.
    Thanks in advance :)
    Sorry. The KOR, ITA, and FRA Jolly Marshadows all have proof, and it doesn't seem like you're a proofed event collector. I don't enjoy trading events without the proof if they do have proof, and especially for the Marshadows, I prefer to trade them for other proofed events.

    Hopefully you can find someone else to give you an unproofed Jolly Marshadow :)
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