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    Chapter 2: Route 1

    Amber and Litten were walking around the outside of Iki Town, finding many Pokemon to catch as her second Pokemon. There were many more Ledyba and Pikipek more than anything but she wanted the rares. As she started her search for rare Pokemon in the area, she wanted to search high and low.

    "Okay Litten, let's find you a friend," Amber said. "We'll search here around the trees first."

    Amber started to climb the tall tree as Litten was searching low around the tree. Climbing and stepping on one branch after another, she searched through the cracks and holes but only finding Ledyba.

    "Come on now, Amber, we can find a rare," Amber told herself.

    As she started to climb the tree higher Litten was growling, trying to get Amber's attention. She looked down and saw that Litten was growling at a Yungoos. Laughing at the look of the Pokemon, she yelled at Litten.

    "No, Litten! Not that one!" Amber exclaimed.

    Litten snared and scared off the Yungoos, making it search longer. When she was on the second branch, she saw a lot of Pikipek nests, wondering where the Toucannon was. As she kept looking, she heard a noise and thought it was Litten. She looked down and saw that Litten was still looking around for a rare Pokemon, quickly looking back at the Pikipek nest and getting scared. Falling off the branch as she saw a large Toucannon, she was screamed. Falling on her back, she was hurt bad making Litten quickly come back to her. When she was slowly getting up, she saw a Yungoose.

    "Go away! We don't want you!" Amber yelled.

    Amber sighed as she was finally able to get her footing, brushing off the loose sand and grass. When she was able to focus after her fall, she looked around slowly, making sure and wondering where the best spot for the rare would be. Soon, she found a cute yellow and black mouse looking Pokemon; it was Pikachu.

    "What?! A Pikachu?!" Amber exclaimed. "I thought Pikachu was a Kanto Pokemon?!"

    Litten snared at the wild Pikachu and started to chase after it. Quickly, Amber started to follow Litten and Pikachu, soon going into an open meadow. She looked at the open meadow and saw that it was a large enough area for a battle to weaken it, so she started to command Litten.

    "Okay Litten, let's use Scratch!" Amber commanded.

    Litten started to run after the wild Pikachu as fast as it could, but the wild Pikachu was too fast as the Pikachu made Litten miss. The wild Pikachu used Tail Whip, quickly flying Litten back towards Amber. She took out her pokedex and hovered it towards the wild Pikachu, finding that it was a really good Pokemon to catch. However, it would be tough if the wild Pikachu was faster than her Litten. When she thought of a plan to surround the wild Pikachu, she started to walk around it as Litten stayed put.

    "Okay Litten, let's use Growl trying to let it come towards me!" Amber commanded.

    Litten made a loud noise as it growled at the wild Pikachu, making it start to go over towards Amber. It looked like her plan was about to work, but the wild Pikachu kept running around and shocked Litten with a Thunder Shock. As the attack didn't knock out Litten right away, she knew that it was finally a battle.

    "Okay Litten, let's finally attack with Ember!" Amber commanded.

    Litten looked back at Amber and nodded, quickly staring at the wild Pikachu. Litten inhaled a breath and burst out a spit of fire, hitting the wild Pikachu directly. When she saw that it was a direct hit she was sure that Litten's high attack would weaken it for sure. The wild Pikachu, however, growled at Litten making it curl up around Amber's bare leg.

    "We can't do this now Litten, we need to weaken it," Amber said. "So, let's use Ember again!"

    Litten burst out a large ball of fire and as it was another direct hit, the wild Pikachu started to weaken. As the wild Pikachu was trying to get up, Amber took the opportunity and grabbed one of the empty pokeball's from her backpack and threw it as hard as she could. She was a muscular girl as she was into sports, making the pokeball smack the wild Pikachu in the face. A bright light flared the entire area as the pokeball consumed the wild Pikachu. A red light in the middle of the pokeball started to sparkle back and forth as it moved the same. The pokeball moved back and forth multiple times and it looked like it stopped, she hoped that it was caught.

    "Okay Litten, go fetch it," Amber said.

    Litten trodded over to the pokeball and grabbed it with its teeth, quickly running over to Amber just in case it opened. She grabbed the pokeball and kissed the red part of it, making sure it stayed inside the pokeball. She got excited that she caught her first Pokemon which was a Pikachu, quickly giving Litten a high five and a petting. Both of them were very excited that they got a Pikachu on the team, making them a better team. Continuing down the route, she found a Pokemon school, wondering why a Pokemon school would be in the middle of a trail instead of a town or city. As she walked passed the Pokemon school she remembered a time when she was in Pokemon school learning about the many Pokemon types.

    "Okay Litten, we now got an Electric-type Pokemon with us since you're a Fire-type," Amber said. "So, we got to make both of you two stronger by battling Grass, Bug, Water, and Flying-type Pokemon."

    Litten nodded as it knew what her trainer was saying, quickly acknowledging her own type. When Amber continued down the trail, she saw Harrison walking right behind her. As she thought that he was close by, she whistled at him to get his attention. He ran towards her and greeted himself like they never met before.

    "I'm sorry, Amber, but I got to go," Harrison said. "I caught a Ledyba back there and it really weakened Rowlett."
    "That's not good, Harrison," Amber said. "I was thinking we should have another Pokemon battle since we both have two Pokemon now, but if your Pokemon are hurt and not fully healed, I'll wait for you outside of the pokecenter in Hau'oli City."
    "Okay, cool! We'll see you then!" Harrison exclaimed.

    Amber was curious about why Harrison would catch a Ledyba, which was weak against both her Litten and Pikachu. As she thought of what the old man said back in Iki Town, she shook her head and laughed about it. She wanted Harrison to be tough and a challenge for her instead of having a team that'll get wiped out instantly. However, she started to walk towards Hau'oli City, the biggest city in all Alola. With the thought of going into Hau'oli City, she thought of the shopping district there, letting her have a smile on her face. When she pictured herself what she wanted herself to look like, she ran towards the big city making Litten fall behind barking away.

    To Be Continued...
    - The Amazing Journey -

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