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Seriously, though, I agree with adventure that all Gens are special enough to be remembered in Pokemon history - but honestly, I feel like gen 7 was one of the most memorable. I mean, it cemented the existence of a multiverse in Pokemon! Even if you don't like that angle (which I do), you've got to admit it's a big deal.
I'm pretty sure ORAS was the first to do this with the entire point of the Delta Episode being to find another way to deal with a meteor because otherwise it would destroy the alternate-universe Hoenn.

That nitpick aside, I feel gen 7's pre-release and release period were overhyped to the point that the crash from the realization of just how flawed the games were was more intense than of previous games. For games like XY, people were more attuned to its shortcomings earlier on, which in a way made the positives seem that much stronger. That being said, once gen 7 gets old enough, the positive opinions will resurface again, as with each gen.

Gen 7 is just in that really odd spot right now where it's old enough to start being pushed to the back of peoples' minds but still new enough to make it seem weird that it's being pushed to the back of peoples' minds. SM got "replaced" by USUM but most people disliked it, only for USUM to be followed by Kanto re-remakes on Switch which not everyone was willing to get for Kanto re-remakes, not to mention some people still don't realize that yes, LGPE are indeed "main series" titles. So it seems like gen 7 is being buried by these newer games that, by virtue of just being remakes, are themselves also easy to forget.