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Ah, thank you!

An intoxicated 60 year old man crossed the double yellow lines directly into head on traffic on a busy highway. He was arrested for DUI, had an open bottle of wine, and over 100 prescription sleeping pills in the car. My fiance was cleared of any involvement in the incident, and our only saving grace is that this dude was insured. Apparently he lives in Florida, was driving a car registered in Kentucky, and ended up in New Jersey to pile drive us. The police report theorizes he was actually attempting suicide. :(

My fiance was pretty beat up. Not enough to be hospitalized long term, but enough that it's a problem and could present more in the future. Right now we're worried about and monitoring for nerve damage. All things considered though, he psyduckin' walked away from that wreck and that's a blessing on its own. <33
I'm glad he's ok! Wow, that's insane. :(
Thank you all. I will pass on your messages. They’re very appreciated!

And things are slowly getting better, so no worries! The next big hurdle is buying a new car. ( ̄へ ̄)
Oof, that's no picnic either. Do y'all have anything in mind?

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