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Okay, hopefully you can help out with my request.
I posted this request in another trade shop and the guy declined because he didn't like my offer.
Here is my request ^_^

Nickname- Spectre
Nature- Modest
Ability- Flash Fire
Gender- Male
IVs - Preferebly 31 in Special Attack and speed, any others are alright (:

I really hope you can help out with my request.
About payment for it, I have been doing alot of Wonder Trading lately and have acquired a bunch of awesome Breeding pokemon, so I may be able to find out some HA breeding rejects ^_^ (I know for sure I have a Drought Vulpix, Chlorophyll Bulbasaur and a Protean Froakie)

Thank you in advance ^_^

EDIT: I just checked the Froakie, it's a 4IV Timid Protean Froakie, missing perfect IVs in Attack and Speed.

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