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Do take my suggestions with a grain of salt as I'm pretty much a lurker by this point.

1) The main reason I didn't usually work with Flash Fiction was the "Flash" part. The prompts were usually quite good, they just didn't plant any idea in my mind that I could instantly use. I do think that stretching the possibilities and mediums for prompts might be a good idea, with things such as using song or image prompts or even parts of random conversations that pop up in the DCC or other places.

2) I completely agree with Pikachu's statement here. My backlog on things is enormous, be it videogames, TV shows and then add to that fanfiction? I feel like one would have to sift through listings and then find one good enough that one can dedicate the time to read plus review.

I've been thinking that a potential way to help people review might be leading them through the process and removing intermediaries, for example via prebaked "commentary templates" / forms so that people get right to the why is it said what they say? Dunno exactly what can be covered under them but I'm thinking middle-difficulty use cases such as "this ongoing plot element needs work" for mini-reviews, or "came for the X, stayed for the Y" kind of positive commentary could be good to use as examples.

3) Opening the archive section? Yes please. One of the biggest problems for authors like me that write many stories is that if we publish in forum communities like this one, our stories are eventually drowned not by lack of merit or by there being better stories but merely by being [amount of days] old, and people are actually forbidden and punished for wanting to or trying to comment on them. I mean... wut? It's one of the reasons why I stopped publishing in forums and have been throwing more stuff to

However for this to work, I think a way to promote older, completed stories would also be a good thing to have.
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