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Ch 26: Pokeranger

Normal POV

Tracy wakes up from another nightmare about what happened three days ago. She uses the sheets to dry the sweat off her forehead and looks over at the alarm clock. It reads 2:45 am.

I wish these nightmares would stop. Tracy thinks.

Tracy lays backs down and tries to go back to sleep. She closes her eyes. She just tosses and turns. She gives up ten minutes later and gets out of bed. She changes into her workout clothes. She checks the clock again, and it reads 3:05 a.m.

I guess I'm starting my morning workout 'a tad' earlier than I planned. Tracy thinks.

Tracy fixes her bed and leaves the room. She heads to Kat's room. The door slides open and walks inside. Pikachu wakes up instantly. He leaps off Kat's bed. Tracy catches him in her arms. He climbs on her shoulder.

"Hey pal, I guess you're ready for our morning jog," Tracy whispers.

Pikachu nods. Tracy turns around, starts to leave the room but stops when she hears Kat begin to move around. She turns around and sees Kat still fast asleep.

Phew, that was close. Tracy thinks.

Tracy spins around and tiptoes out of the room. She stops by the common room to fuel up. Tracy eats some fruit, chia seeds and Greek yogurt. Pikachu eats some Pokémon food with some protein. Tracy programs some programs breakfast for them to eat when they come back. They leave a few minutes later. They get to the park ten minutes later and stop to stretch out. After they finish Pikachu leaps on her shoulder, Tracy walks over to a drinking fountain. She turns it on and takes a few long sips. Pikachu slides down to her elbow. Tracy puts her elbow close to the water so he can get a drink too before she turns it off. Pikachu leaps down, and they continue their jog. Twenty minutes later they finished their run, so they head back to the base. They're a couple of blocks away, and Tracy hears a rumble of thunder in the distance. She stops and turns around to look at the sky behind her. The sky looks dark and ominous. She spins back around and glances down at Pikachu. His cheeks start sparking, and the wind picks up.

"Come on pal, let's step on it before we get soaked, " Tracy says.

Pikachu nods. He uses Quick Attack and zooms ahead. Tracy sprints to catch up with him. Their efforts are in vain when the rain comes down in sheets two minutes later. They walk in the base soaked to the bone.

"Rangers, report to the command center." Rings over the speakers on the wall next to the door.

"Oh come on!" Tracy exclaims.

Trisha POV

We walked in the command center and saluted to Commander Cruger. He asks if anyone knows where my sister is. I tell him that she out on her morning jog.

"Try a race against a passing rain shower sis," Tracy says.

We turn around and see my sister. I watch the water drip off her hair and clothes. A few seconds later Pikachu shakes off the water flies off his fur and lands on my sister.

"Pikachu, I know you need to dry off. I'm wet enough as it is, pal." Tracy says.

I start to snicker quietly. Tracy looks over at me with an evil eye. I stop giggling. She asks me if I have Beautifly's Pokéball. I nod.

"Can I have it please?" Tracy asks.

I say yes, and take Beautifly's Pokéball out of my pocket. Tracy walks over to me. She slips in the puddle of water in front of her. I start to laugh when she lands on her butt.

"I'm glad you think this is funny sis. FYI the next time you fall on your butt, I'm going to laugh till I can't breathe instead of help you up." Tracy says.

Beautifly lets herself out of her Pokéball. She uses Sliver Wind. We watch it dry my sister and Pikachu off. Two minutes later Beautifly stops my sister's hair and Pikachu's fur sparkle for the dust from Beautifly's scales. Tracy walks over to me, I hand her Beautifly's Pokéball and puts Beautifly back inside.

"Sir, don't take this the wrong way. Can you please tell us why we're here before I faint." Tracy says.

I ask Tracy if she ate anything before she and Pikachu left. Tracy says yes. She ate something to fuel her get through the workout.

Normal POV

"What are you going to have for breakfast?" Bridge asks.

"Whole grain toast with peanut butter and a banana," Tracy answers.

"That was yours, sis, I thought you left that out for me," Trisha says meekly.

"No sis that was for me," Tracy says.

"Well you, should have put your name on it," Trisha argues.

Trisha I shouldn't have to write my name on my food to prevent you from eating my breakfast." Tracy snaps.

The girls hear Commander Cruger growl. They turn around to face him. He tells everyone they have the day off.

"Sir, not that I'm complaining or anything, why do we have the day off, I mean Grumm and Broodwing are still out there plotting some evil scheme to conquer Earth." Tracy says.

"True, but everyone needs to take a break every once and while. Besides everyone, has been working hard the past few weeks," Cruger says.

"That maybe true for everyone else but me." Tracy says

"What do you mean?" Trisha asks.

"That I'm not taking the day off sis," Tracy answers.

"Why don't you want to take the day off?" Kat asks.

"I don't deserve it. I haven't been working as hard as the rest of you the past few weeks." She answers.

"Tracy, you're talking crazy. You've been training like a mad man." Trisha says. " If you keep this up, you could get hurt."

"Not to mention you could get sick," Bridge adds.

"I don't care. You guys enjoy your day off." Tracy says.

== Welcome To SPD ==

Tracy salutes and leaves the room. She heads to the common room, eats breakfast, and goes out to the five-mile short course. She finished it in forty-five minutes and heads back inside the base. She took a shower and changed into T-shirt with a white tiger on it, a pair of faded blue jeans and blue high tops.

A few hours later Kat walks in the common room. Pikachu is on her left shoulder. She sees Tracy sitting on the couch. She goes over to her. Tracy flips her hair over her ears. She looks up at her.

"Hey Kat, what's up?" Tracy asks.

"Not much, what about you." Kat answers.

Tracy says that she decided to make everyone happy, so she went to the mall. Kat asks her what did she do. Tracy says she did something that will help the other cadets tell her apart from her sister.

"Let me guess you got your ears pierced." Kat says.

Tracy nods. She puts her hair behind her ears revealing her snowflake shaped studs. Kat tells her that they're pretty. Tracy thanks her. Kat sits down next to her. Quick Draw jumps on Tracy's lap.

"Why aren't you in your lab today?" Tracy asks.

"I'm heading there now, but I wanted to ask you something." Kat answers.

"What did you want to ask me?" Tracy asks.

Kat says that she was thinking about creating a Pikachu. She wanted to ask her if it was ok before she started. Tracy looks down at Quick Draw and begins to pet him.

"Kat this isn't my choice to make. Quick Draw what do you want to do?" Tracy says.

Quick Draw jumps off her lap. He starts punching and kicking. Tracy chuckles softly. Quick Draw stops what he is doing. Tracy knew what that meant, so she gets up. She picks him up and hands him to Kat.

"Kat, promise me one thing. You'll be careful." Tracy says.

"I will Tracy I know how much he means to you," Kat says.