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Posted October 10th, 2016
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Hack Name: Pokemon - The Journey Continues
Hack of: Emerald
Information about the Hack: The Game takes place 6 years after the original story, where You Move into Brandons old House and go Onto a Journey and Battle your 2 Rivals, Gyms (Different) and a New Team!
Finished Percentage: 0-1%
Your Hacking Skills: Not many, only know almost Nothing about Scripting, My Mapping is decent but I like to Mess with Pokemon MoveSets and Battles ;)
What Help or Skills I'm Looking For: Spriters, Scripters (New Team and "Events" (Remove and Add)), Pokedex Additions (Scripting), Mapping (Change a few maps a bit), Texts and the Title Screen and the Intro

Contact: Skype: leh_cosmic

Try to Contact me! (If not through Skype PM me)