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To Vragon:
  1. While back, I did advertise the flash challenges through the splashes, the announcements on top. However, as more challenges went less and less people were participating where it came to the point there would be no entries for several weeks. I think I did try to have a prompt every two weeks instead of one, but that didn't work either. For now, it's been put to hiatus unless I see more people interested.
  2. I've been talking to some folks about how to leave feedback, and what I got is actually to have feedbacks be more loose and not folks be worried about trying to get every detail in. What I've been trying to encourage is even just two sentences that mentions what you like about the fic is okay. Talking about what works or doesn't work is great, but some folks probably aren't good with explaining in great detail on what needs improving (I'm not, lol). We also had a couple review guides written by others, but there's a lot of info and probably intimidated people even more.
  3. Either or is fine. As long as you comment on a few things you like about a completed fic, you're good to go, doesn't need to be a book review. That's something I might need to get back getting into motion.
  4. One of the activities is the writing blitz, where there's a set period and then you give yourself a good. For instance, I'll have one where the blitz will be a week long and your goal is to finish a chapter or a specific wordcount. Sometimes there are other activities too.

Since I'm still here, I want to make an announcement. I plan to have the rules change a bit slightly, mainly adding some ground rules for the multiverse stuff. The review section of the rules might able be revamped a little. So yeah, watch out for that.

Foul Play
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