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Want: All Four of your Ho-Oh's
Pikachu - lvl 10 - オンライン - 2056 - 2016 - Timid - 31/x/x/x/x/30 - Psychic - Pokemon Center Online Opening (is this the one with Surf?)
-Different Ultra beasts of various natures (IV's unknown)
-Careful Natured Event Magearna
-HA Bold Mareanie's with all four Egg Moves (Ultra Balls) All Level 1, both genders
-Hasty Latios (Reg Poke Ball Male) Level 30
-Modest Rayquaza (Ultra Ball) Level 70
-Brave Groudon (Reg Poke Ball) Level 45
-Modest Virizion (Ultra Ball) Level 50
-Modest Mespirit (Ultra Ball) Level 50
-Quiet Deoxys (Master Ball) Level 80
-Hasty Cobalion (Ultra Ball) Level 50
-Adamant Heatran (Reg Poke Ball Male) Level 50
-Calm Latias (Female Ultra Ball) Level 30
-Present Event Modest Contrary Serperior (Male) Level 50
-Present Event Impish Reckless Emboar (Male) Level 50
-GF Event Modest Shaymin Level 100
-GF Event Timid Shaymin Level 100
-GF Event Timid Keldeo Level 100
-GF Event Hasty Keldeo Level 100
-GF Event Lonely Darkrai Level 100
-GF Event Adamant Darkrai Level 100
-GF Event Timid Manaphy Level 100
-OCT2014 Naive Diancie Level 50
- 2 Different XY Event Tochic's (All Male) level 10
-Event GTS Timid Vivillion Level 12 Female

Also have some other 5IV mon's (some in apriballs) in case you would be interested in any. I know you said 1:1 ratio, but I would be willing to offer more to get these mons. ^^ Just let me know.
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