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Posted April 27th, 2019
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Hey this is really neat! Just a question though and I thought this would be an appropriate place to ask, if I were to add more pokemon a trainers party, would I go to the next trainers offset and just add the amount of bytes I added to the previous trainers? Also, I problem I see is that if I add to this list I'm going to eventually run into the pointer sets for pokemons evolution and learnsets if I were to add 6 party teams of pokemons to all trainers/gym leaderes. Would I then have to add/move to those offsets as well or can I just move that whole segment into an empty section? I thought I understood pointers until I wanted to modify them and their data banks lol.

Or could I possible use the empty space given and have the pointers point there?! :O! #eurekamaybe! lol