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Gen 1: Mr. Mime - Extremely creepy

Gen 2: Dunsparce - I don't actually dislike this Pokémon but its design is one of the worst of a very strongly designed generation and it annoys me on showdown random battles.

Gen 3: Wingull - Again it's just one of the less impressive designs of a strongly designed generation, and supersonic.

Gen 4: Rhyperior - It's a tough choice between this and Magmortar but I choose Rhyperior since Rhydon was an amazing design they ruined whereas the ruining of Magmar didn't hurt me as much.

Gen 5: Conkeldurr - It just looks horrific.

Gen 6: Chesnaught - It also just looks horrific. (This was probably the easiest choice out of every generation as I LOVE most of the Gen 6 designs and would use almost every family from this generation)

Gen 7: Kommo-o - What on earth is this? So much going on and it ends up looking like a mess.