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Posted March 14th, 2019
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Actually its Cerulean, not Vermilion ;). In Yellow, Bulbasaur was available from a caregiver if your friendship with Pikachu was high enough. Apparently the Let's GO change is to catch 30 Pokemon. Charmander was available north of Nugget Bridge from a trainer who was planning to release it. Let's GO changes this to require catching 50 Pokemon. As for Squirtle, you can catch one on the very same route you can get Charmander via Gift but in Yellow he was available in Vermilion City from Officer Jenny after defeating Lt.Surge. What the requirement will be in Let's GO I don't know but I'd wager its similar to the other Kanto Starters.

Good luck catching everyone. I may get this for Xmas(along with a Switch) or not. Up in the air really.
Ah, thank you for correcting my mistakes. This is only my second time playing a game with the Kanto region (a few months ago, I bought Leafgreen, but played it onky once so far and still haven't gotten through it yet) and since I'm playing the game in my country's language I still don't know the correct names in English (for pokemon names I always need to search on the internet for example). And I never actually played Yellow, I started with Blue recently, but stopped playing it after I've lost interest in it, too old... At least for me...
By the way, I really recommend getting yourself a switch, it's display and system are awesome, there is a huge difference between the old nintendo 3ds console. Around christmas it should get a little bit cheaper (I got mine now on my birthday and christmas together). And LGP and LGE are nice to play too. The graphics are really cool and there are many new features, catching and training pokemon is now so much easier and not so time consuming (I mean the GO feature, which I thought was a turn for the worse for the pokemon game series, when it got announced, but it turns out I was wrong). And Eevee (I got LGE) is sooo adorable! In Vermillion city (hope I got the name right) you can even get an Arkanine, which prevolution you can't catch in this version. I really wonder, if you will get a Ninetailes in LGP?

Hey Guys , so i got LGE and now i want to try to evolve my Evoli to Umbreon but it dosnt Work ... Its LV.45 now friendship in max ... Lvl Up at night but it still wont evolve. Can someone Help me ? Or is it Just Not possible to eveolve it?
It's not possible to evolve your partner Eevee, you can catch wild Eevee and evolve them, but only in the evolutions Vaporeon, Flameon and Jolteon, since they are the only evolutions of Eevee which were avaible in the first generation.
(Also night and day don't exist in this game, exactly like in the first generation. LGP and LGE are basically remakes of Yellow and stay true to their roots.)