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1: Krabby - I literally forget this pokemon exists most of the time. At least Seel is memorable in how it is just a seal with a horn.

2: Unknown - I like the lore behind them, but couldn't they have made these pokemon more useful? Maybe an unknown in your party could increase the stats of all the pokemon in your party which have their species name corresponding to the Unknown's letter - therefore encouraging the use of unknowns and more varied team ideas, but no.

3: Skitty - I've never liked how overly saccharine this pokemon is. Not to mention how weak it is.

4: Phione - It's just a weak manaphy; I have no idea why it exists.

5: Basculin - If you are going to have 2 different types of Basculine, why not go more out with it? Either way, they were way too common.

6: Carbink - It exists?

7: Incineroar - For all the reasons which have already been discussed ever since it was revealed.