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    Pokemon Gold Update #3 (FINISHED IT!)
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    Finally finished this! I hit a slight road-block with Red at the end. At any rate, I finally beat him after a third time with a move switch on Mei to take out his Snorelax. Time to go relax and work on my other challenges...

    Final Team:

    The Quick, the Fast, the PINK!
    Mei the Flaafy (M)
    Level 58
    -Dizzy Punch

    On the Endless Search for Love, The Attraction!
    Romio (Romeo) the Typhlosion (M)
    Level 51
    -Quick Attack
    -Fire Spin

    Two of a Kind, The Duo!
    Ni (Two) the Nidoran Female
    Level 30
    -Double Kick

    Carrying the Letter of Friendship on Her Back, The Valentine!
    Ke-ri (Kelly) the Murkrow (F)
    Level 51
    -Night Shade

    Helping his Friend on the Quest for Love, The Flower!
    Hana (Flower) the Sunflora (M)
    Level 34
    -Petal Dance
    -Mega Drain
    -Sunny Day

    The Egg Shied, The Present!
    Present the Togepi (M)
    Level 17

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