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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    To limit the competitive use of TMs. If they keep them as unlimited then I hope that all of the TMs are smaller TMs that can help through the main game and give little use competitively. Make competition ready teams worth raising rather than just slapping on TMs like in B/W. I was so happy when moves like Dark Pulse and Stealth Rock were removed because it limited their use to a select few. Move Tutors should be the ones for competitive use, and since you have to earn either shards or Battle points to get them, it makes it more worth while to get them, plus limits them. Spreading all the super moves freely with no restrictions makes all the teams fairly boring as its easy to copy them if you know how.

    Yes I prefer harder work for competitive teams. I disliked the easy to attain teams in B/W. I really wish they'd go back to one time use for TMs as I find infinite use a pointless change. Just make them all Move Tutors if they can be used infinitely. At least this way there'd be a way to control it.
    Most competitive players use Pokégen anyways so making teams harder to get would hurt the non-competitive players who don't want to spend time in the towers getting tons of BP for moves that could easily be more accessible.

    The only way to fight cheating in Pokémon games is to make stuff more readily available.

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