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    Originally Posted by Blue Emerald View Post
    I myself was ready to say that we need a better roster of TMs, but ever since I read XanderO's explanation, I actually think I agree with him.

    Now that TMs have become reusable, and so many of the best attacks come from TMs, it makes leveling up your Pokemon to learn new moves kinda pointless, because you can just slap all your TMs onto a Pokemon and be done with it. It also makes obtaining TM moves through breeding equally as pointless. The way moves are obtained in this game is kind of unbalanced now.

    The quickest way to fix the problem is to remove the infinite use of TMs. The only problem is, before Gen V, gym leaders would give you TMs as prizes, and these TMs would only be found once in the game. So if you needed a second Avalanche or Stealth Rock, and there was no other way to give your Pokemon that move, you were pretty much out of luck. :( Also, if you're trying to breed a Pokemon with the right nature and ability, you would also have to breed Pokemon with all the TM and egg moves you want, which makes breeding more complicated than it is now.

    I don't think moves should be impossible to obtain in the games. The fun of Pokemon is making custom creatures to pit against your friends', which means you get to choose the kind of moves you want your Pokemon to use. Rare one-time-only TMs throws a wrench into that fun. However, when it comes to raising Pokemon, I do believe that Gen V practically handed that experience to you on a silver platter. Audino is really easy to find, TMs are infinite use and give Pokemon their best moves, money is laughably easy to earn (even without VS Seeker), and vitamins can be obtained after certain battles. The game just hands you all the best stuff without you ever needing to put up much of a fight to earn any of it, and it takes some of the fun and challenge out of the game.

    That's what I liked about the first four generations: breeding and leveling up your Pokemon was vital for improving their skill set, and you actually had to put some effort into obtaining their best moves, even after you beat the game. But that was mostly because TMs were one-time-use, although I don't really want that to happen again. I really liked how Crystal did Move Tutors, where you needed to earn a lot of coins to get the three elemental strikes, which are really great moves, but since Europe is all goofy about gambling in games, that's no longer an option. I don't really like the shards, because obtaining them is too much of a luck-based hassle, and I always thought it was kind of a lame excuse for currency anyway. I've also never been a fan of using Battle Points for TMs, because it's a really tedious method of obtaining them, but I'm okay with them being used for vitamins and hold items.

    I say, bring back the Game Corner for a variety of non-gambling skill-based games to earn coins toward moves from Move Tutors. Also, raise the payout on the games, because in HGSS even if you were good at Voltorb Flip, it was still tedious to earn coins from that game, so it never felt worthwhile. Even better, maybe they could bring back the Pokeathlon and use that as a way of earning currency for Move Tutors. I loved the Pokeathlon over every other side-competition specifically because by participating you earned a substantial amount of points you could save toward some worthwhile items, and because of that it became somewhat addictive. That's my problem with other side-competitions, like Contests and Musicals: you don't really get anything useful from doing them.

    Anyway, on to Move Tutors. Use those as a way of getting the really powerful TM attacks from Gen V (Flamethrower, Earthquake, Psychic, etc.), but don't make it possible to pass them on via breeding. This way, leveling up to learn moves is still meaningful, TMs are still useful while raising your Pokemon early on, and obtaining the best moves takes effort. There definitely needs to be a way to make raising a Pokemon feel like a worthwhile effort instead of making it insultingly easy to do, but it also shouldn't be a tedious affair, either.
    I strongly disagree, the TMs are infinite use but have been made difficult to find to compensate for it. Most of the strong TMs can only be found in the post-game. I'm half way through Black 2 and have yet to find a good TM move.

    Do you know there are TM moves you can't breed into a Pokémon? Several Pokémon learn Earthquake, whereas their base stages can't. It was really annoying to want to give Earthquake to a starter but finding out Bulbasaur or Charmander can't learn it, so you can't breed the TM into them.

    Making it hard to get strong moves will only benefit cheaters who instantly Pokégen their Pokémon without wasting TMs. The people who just want to play for fun will be the ones on the short end of the stick if TMs become disposable again.

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