Overanalyzing Pokemon for 20 years

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Let's see...

Gender Balls: we already had the love ball but that only worked if the Pokemon you were catching was the opposite gender of yours.
These are basic "gives a bonus to catch rate if the Pokemon is male/female", could be usefull for Pokemon that have some gender imbalance.
Have them be a basic light blue/pink color with the gender symbol on the upper half.

Risk ball: gives a bonus to catch rate when the Pokemon you're trying to catch is at risk of fainting due to poison/confusion/struggle recoil.
Pretty much a "last resort" ball to use against those really long legendary battles with really low catch rates. Has a catch rate equal to a pokeball otherwise.

Repeat ball: A normal Pokeball in terms of catch rate, but has a 30% chance of being reusable after failing. Has a recycle sign on the front.

Shiny ball: Increased catch rates against shinies.

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