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While I'm trying to get back into the habit of reading more (I have a good few books I've collected over the years that I haven't touched yet), the best way to describe me currently is basically: I've read a handful of books this year.
My pace for reading is just extremely slow. I used to have the same habit you are probably talking about, but once everyone started having this aversion to reading it became rather discouraging.

I literally never read and yet I’ve bought three books this year and seven last year with the intention of reading them all but then I’ve never read any of them. In my last month at university, I found out that I could have my library deliver any book I wanted to me on campus and since I did not find out until so late I tried to make as much use of it as possible and placed an order for about 25 different books. All of which had to be returned before I graduated. The time frame was so constrained that I barely had time to read a chapter from each one.