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"Why would we bother about making a remake, if a kid's already doing it for us?" - Welcome to...

Just to let you know who I am, not that you care much about it, eh?

I'm ZEL, does the name ring a bell? Then how about "I'm the guy behind the game called Shiny Gold", yes, I think the game's name does sound more familiar...
Well, Shiny Gold is a rom hack (which means it must be played on a emulator, if you ever got the pirated version then it's not my business, ask for a refund if you can), also it's a fan game I do whenever I get bored of my Uni life.
Unlike some other more advanced hackers, I'm still an unexperienced rom hacker learning to do all kinds of stuff (this is my first hack, after all), though, scripting is my strong point, and you'll notice it when you play the game.
Even when Shiny Gold has become a popular hack, I don't want to consider it only because its popularity (well gained), because there are many other aspects interesting to the game (and because it would be a little offensive to all the hard work I put in this whole year of production), but play it if you want. And don't forget that, as me, there are a lot of other rom hackers giving their best efforts to bring you quality games, you should be checking those games as well^^
Meh, I'm not used to long speeches, so let's get back into business shall we?

Stuff you need to know about the game (in order to make it work, you know, just read H.Sotomura's Before Playing a Hack thread)

Hack Name: Pokémon Shiny Gold
Hack Of: Pokémon
Author: Zel

Here I post all the planned and already implemented features the hack has/will have. For the planned stuff, I usually think on smaller things
so I don't tend to promise a lot of impossible features (if there can be bigger things obviously I won't reveal them, just in case I fail at making them)

:pokeball: Don't think this is gonna be a 100% Gold Remake, it'll have its differences.
:pokeball: Extra battles (some'll be optionals, tough but rewarding)
:pokeball: Hoenn Pokemon (in every area, and hard to find)
:pokeball: New areas
:pokeball: GS music (remixed thx to clonex25, birthofdna and Magnius)
:pokeball: Remapped some dungeons (so your old guides wont work, je) :)
:pokeball: Extra recurring characters (some'll hate you, some'll help you)
:pokeball: Phone booths in replace of the phone system of the PokéGear
:pokeball: The return of the Trick House with new puzzles!
:pokeball: Plans for the future: Some moves will have field effects.
:pokeball: More to come...

Here you will be able to keep track on the threads latest news, without needing to be reading lots of pages!
(All the last info happening on the hack OR the thread will be listed here with a link to the corresponding post)

Date/Event/Link to Post
8-Aug-2007  New Thread on Pokecommunity Go To Post
7-Sep-2007  New Video Uploaded Go To Post
10-Sep-2007 Two more Videos Uploaded Go To Post
17-Sep-2007 New Screenshots Season Starts Go To Post
29-Sep-2007 Video about the Legendary Beasts Uploaded Go To Post
31-Dec-2007 Thread reopened and normal Shiny Gold B5 gets posted Go To Post
4-Jan-2008  Version X gets released Go To Post
22-Apr-2008 Thread reopened (again -_-) Go To Post

Check this section often, as it will tell you how far I am from my goals and where the next Beta is planned to end

How this should be read: FINISHED WORKING NEXT

Add the legendary's OWs (should be done quickly)
Thinking/Mapping and Implementing the mini-games and Trick House puzzles (this will surely take SOME time)
Adding more GSC music remixes (variable time, not sure)
Do a first bug fixing on the list of known bugs (may also take some time)
Start the Beta testing and keep fixing bugs from the list or the ones detect through the testing (most likely, two weeks)
Release the Beta

This is my personal status, if I ever have to do something different than being rom hacking (like leaving or having to study),
I'll write it here. Just to avoid any "where's zel or what is he doing?" talk

Zel's Current Status is: "Got a new job, so that, combined with the usual college assignments, leaves me few hacking time during the week. I'll try to see how I can order my schedule, but for sure, hack's development will be delayed greatly T_T"

Pictures, and links to videos will be here


Naranja Falls Minigame http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fczguNt3aRU
The Matchup Minigame http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6tY9hPAblg
The Digging Minigame http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPIyo12QHZ4
Champion (Lance) music, by clonex25 (not yet inserted, comments needed)
Meeting the Legendary Beasts (thx to Baro for explanation on Level Scripts)
Registering Trainers on Phone Card
Getting Rematch Battles
Using the Phone Booth
Battling the Red Gyarados (thx again to Mastermind_X)
Elite 4
Headbutt Trees
Kurt's Script - Part 1
Kurt's Script - Part 2
Gold's remixed music sounding on SG (thx again to birthofdna)

Before you try to ask something check the following list of common questions, none of this questions should be asked again, because Rule No.4 applies to them

List last Updated on: 2008-01-07


Q: Why are my posts getting deleted??? (C)
A: Well, don't forget that, besides the usual Rom Hacking section rules <link>, some additional rules (in the Rules section in this post) were added in order to keep the thread cleaner and nicer, as long as mods really take their job seriously.

Q: Can I patch over an older patched Beta? Can I continue from an older Beta save? (C)
A: To my knowledge, both answers are negative. Patching over patching and using an older Beta save bring a lot of more errors than when playing the game normally from the beginning. So, don't get too attached to your Pokemon while playing the Beta versions.

Q: Is this game Complete? When will it be complete? (C)
A: It's still in Betas Phases, and there's no way I could tell a date, not even an approximation. Don't want to say a date, just for saying later "I didn't make it on time". So, it'll be finished when it's finished.

Q: Is this a 100% remake? I want a 100% remake!!! (C)
A: It will NEVER be a 100% remake. If you understand that, then let's proceed. I will be adding some extra events and specially some extra locations after the defeat of Red, just because I want the game to be longer than the original was. And, the other thing is that it's just too dificult to add some features that the original had. Then it'll never be a "pure" remake.

Q: How far does the Beta go? Where does the Beta ends? (C)
A: Ehhhmmm... Didn't you notice the big sign saying "Beta's Length" when you downloaded the last release?

Q: When will the next Beta be released? (C)
A: As soon as I reach my "Second Goal", don't forget I hack as I'm playing the original Gold, so as soon as I reach a certain point, which I call my "Second Goal", I will release the Beta (by the way, in the "First Goal" I always start to release screenshots of the next Beta)

Q: How many more Betas will there be? (C)
A: Let's see... The next release (Beta5) will go up to Fuchsia, then Beta6 will go up to Mt.Silver, then Beta7 will have all the extra locations and events, then a few bugfixes till we get the free-of-glitches final version

Q: Are all Pokemon in? (C)
A: The correct answer is all 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation will be in (this includes all the legendaries as well) But, since the 4th belong to Sinnoh, they won't be in, even if there are some slots to put some of them. A definitive no.

Q: Will you make the three birds catchable? (C)
A: Not answering how you'll get them, but you'll get them.

Q: Is the GS-Ball in? Is Celebi in?(C)
A: Yes, it is. You obtain it during your first trip to Kanto. This also means the Celebi event is in as well (read the walkthrough if you want more information)

Q: Which starters can I find? (C)
A: I will not directly say that information, but you may want to check the walkthrough for that.

Q: Will there be night/day or Pokegear? (C) (Changed the answer a bit)
A: After thinking for a while, I'm not really gonna implement it, consider it as one of my deviations. What I'm trying to do now is looking for alternatives to Pokégear's functions. However, about day/night it's certainly a possibilty

Q: Is Kanto in? And what about Hoenn, Sevii, Battle Frontier, etc? (C)
A: Since this is a remake, both Johto and Kanto are in. But the rest won't be, obviously. If you are wondering how I am putting Johto and Kanto, well, I'm just overwriting the Sevii for my Johto.

Q: Will this have G/S music? (C)
A: Yes, thanks to birthofdna and Magnius' help. So, just wait for the next releases. By the way, I plan on putting some DP music (a few) for the extra parts of the game.

Q: Do you know that FR has some GSC music already? (C)
A: Yes, yes. I know that.

Q: And what will you do with the Silver exclusives? (C)
A: They are also gonna be (in their respective locations), but rare (not as rare as the Hoenn Pokemon, but expect to wander around a bit to find them)

Q: Will you do a stronger E4? (C)
A: First, remember you have the "X" version for a harder challenge. And then, there's gonna be a second wave for the time you need to battle again to go to Mt.Silver.

Q: Does anybody have codes for SG? (C)
A: Refering to cheat codes, huh? Well, SG is FR in the end, so FR's codes will work. However, I'll always discourage the use of cheats. Specially after a few people seemed to have problems after using some cheats.

Q: What is SGX, and what's the difference? (C)
A: SGX (Shiny Gold "X"), is an edited version of Shiny Gold. Its only purpose is to give a harder time to the player when battling against other trainers or leaders. It's a bit less remake this way, but it is more challenging.

Q: I want to play SG on my real GBA (C)
A: The answer is simple: Buy a flashcard, that's all I can really say about it, because I don't know about flashcards or the process to put a game into one. However, that's stuff that does not relate to the topic. So ask somewhere else.

Q: Will you do Silver, Crystal? (C)
A: No. Shiny Gold stands on its own to be a single game.


Q: Why can't I go into the Lighthouse? (C)
A: Because you are playing a really old Beta. Probably, if you are playing a bought version, that means you got the "pirate" version, and so, I cannot be responsible for that (if you can, get a refund). The latest releases are meant only to work on PCs, without spending money on them (and they reach further than the pirate versions). Get the rom and my patch in order to play.

Q: Why can't I enter the Ice Path? (C)
A: Because you have an old Beta, so just download the last release.

Q: Wow! I found a Hoenn Pokemon, is something wrong? (C)
A: Not at all, Hoenn Pokemon can be found running wild at every route and every dungeon, but, being Hoenn Pokemon at Johto/Kanto, they are really rare to find.

Q: I can't do the Farfetch'd event! Help! (C)
A: If you want a better explanation, you'll have to read the walkthrough.

Q: Why has been altered the Badges Order? or... Where can I get the third Badge? (C)
A: These are related. The Badges Order has been modified in order to give them in the order of Gold, however, we must respect FR's order for their HM effects, so you'll see them in a different order in your Trainer Card, but their HM effects remain as in the original.

Q: I can't find the Whirlpool HM!!! (C)
A: Search the moves from the Clamperl you receive from Lance, it has the Whirlpool move. If you released it, then the only way is to capture another Pokemon with the move, such as Wailmer or some other who can learn the move naturally.

Q: Where is the Machine Part? (C)
A: Look in the corresponding spoiler in the Tourist Center section in this same post (don't forget it will show up after you've done the Amelia event at the Power Plant)

Q: How do the trading-evolution Pokemon evolve? (C)
A: If you got the answer "you must trade, as always", just ignore that answer. At Shiny Gold those kind of Pokemon will evolve thru new ways, most of the time, with the use of stones, or at a certain Level. I don't like spoiling that info, but you have the walkthrough that may help you with some of the Poke.

Q: I have the Spearow with the mail and the fat guy I'm supposed to deliver the mail to won't accept it! (C)
A: In fact, all you need to do is remove the mail from the Spearow, as he cares about the mail, not the Pokémon.

Q: How can I get Umbreon or Espeon? (C)
A: By using a Moon or Sun Stone respectively. Find the stones yourself or search in the walkthrough.

Q: Why do the non-Johto starters seem to be at Lv1? (C)
A: Because they aren't called "starters" for anything.

Q: How can I obtain <insert legendary here>? (C)
A: In B5 you will be able to obtain Ho-oh, Celebi, the three legendary dogs and Jirachi, you may want to read the walkthrough if you want to know how to get (some of) them. About the rest... The ones that showed up at Gold will mantain their events, and the rest have their events already planned. Most of them will be obtainable in their own events and at the Final Release.

Q: Where do I get Rock Smash? (C)
A: Yay, a pretty common question that should be in the walkthrough, but I'll answer here anyway. You get the HM from the fat guy to the right of Sudowoodo, as soon as you defeat or capture the tree.

Q: What's the deal behind the Jirachi?
A: I'm not gonna answer this for a long time, someone has to discover it.


Q: How come Carlos (or other trainers) has a MissingNo. with Wonder Guard? I cannot hit it! (C)
A: Patching or bad rom problem. Make sure to be patching over a clean FR rom (you may suspect about the rom, so getting one from a different site could help)

Q: Why do my starter is not evolving? (C)
A: Patching or bad rom problem. I have played with all the starters and they evolved just fine.

Q: What happened to my TM case? Why are my Pokemon not obeying and my name is changed?
A: Patching or bad rom problem, most likely. I am not certain. In the end, if you want to avoid this kind of problems, you could: Make sure the game saves and loads normally (so it can save at the E4), but then just use save states. It could be risky, though

For further information, check the full list, with common and uncommon questions: http://www.geocities.com/zelard_b/faqs_full.txt

These are all the problems reported in the game. They are a lot, but, not all of them are critical, and not all of them are even bugs, rather stuff that will behave differently. Just pay attention to the status/fixable part if you want to know more about what I'm planning to do about it.

Use the CODE number for easier reference when talking about bugs (when they get repeated)

Maybe it could be too much with this list being an image file, but I did it to save me some time. If you think this messes up the thread, or the forums (or the connection of people XD), just tell me and I'll try to think on something else... ;)

Here's a good list of banners, along with the HTML codes needed for them to work in your sig, so just copy and paste whatever you like

thanks goes to martijn
thanks goes to flipboi
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thanks goes to yaziyo
thanks goes to Marz
thanks goes to Cartman
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thanks goes to Bakuphoon
thanks goes to FireFlame
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These ones by flipboi are cool, if you want to use them...


Even though the game will have a similar section (and the Intro Message at the game contains a few thanks to the people who helped for the last release),
I think it is necessary to make a list with all the people who have been helping me through the different development and testing phases

WAH (www.wah.studiopokemon.com) and Sergio (hosting and care for my hack, also Sergio for some scripting tips)
Pokecommunity (hosting and being a place where I feel I belong)
Youtube and its people (part of the game's popularity is because of their videos)
Marnic (sprites)
Gridiron and Fangking Omega (sprites, tiles, and being a nexus with the people of Project Platinum, to whom I wish the best of luck)
Enrico Marini (sprites)
Red (some sprites & some scripting tips)
Green Charizard for the PC and Mart tiles (editted by me, since I had to make them the same size as in B4), sorry GC, I forgot to add you in the credits in the intro of the game...
Marz, flipboi, Shurikenway, Erimgard, Went and Raz (testing)
Neos (title screen)
Mastermind_X (for the shiny hack, and general advice)
foullump For telling me about how the bike problems could be fixed... Though now there are more problems involving running... XD
birthofdna, Magnius, clonex25 (musical stuff)
Teh Baro (for his guides on some special scripts, and for his guide about level scripts)
dirk123 (walkthrough)
Giovanni Boss (SG-Dex)
~JIM~ and Rogy, from SP forums (for their Phone tiles)
The tools creators, without them this hack could not exist
The people who had been posting bugs, but not being repeatitive
That's all I can remember right now, if I forgot somebody, send me a PM

I'll post any walkthrough (or pics, or whatever helps to avoid getting questions about the current releases gameplay) you want to do
on the game (being it about the whole game or specific parts), since I don't want an "Official" guide, anyone can make his/her own

Guides for the Original Gold game at Gamefaqs: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/gbcolor/game/198308.html
Guide to dirk123's walkthrough (with edits by CrisG14: http://www.pkmncommunity.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=37737&d=1187216916
Site with Barker's walkthrough:http://www.freewebs.com/shinygoldwalkthrough/
Site with Aquilae's walkthrough (SGX):http://www.freewebs.com/aquilae/shinygoldwalkthrough.htm
Site with Bylsma's walkthrough : http://www.freewebs.com/pokemonwalkthroughs123/shinygoldwalkthrough.htm
Post with the solution to Farfetch's puzzle (by Shurikenway): http://www.pkmncommunity.com/showpost.php?p=2363558&postcount=1794
Or, try with this video JoyRide made:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRfMVRCScr4
Stop wondering where does this Pokemon can be found! SG-B5 Pokedex by Giovanni Boss (requires Excel or program able to read .xls files): http://www.sendspace.com/file/lwxl38

Here will be the Betas and other goodies you could download, so it's the most important place in this first post!

The Beta ends at Fuchsia. Even though you are more free to do events in your own way this time. Basically, you can explore the center/east of Kanto.
Don't forget to check this thread before trying to play the Hack!
If you have problems, don't forget to check the Walkthrough in the Tourist Section just above!