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A Name for the Town: How about Silverwind Town or something like that?
Secondly, Well done on the Town, looks great as the First one.
Thirdly, Where's Your House and whose is the Other House?
Region Name: Pilah (Don't ask me why)
And a Suggestion for the Version Name. How about Pokémon Platinum Version.
Prof.'s Name: Balsa*

*Mainly because you have Prof. Oak from Kanto, and Birch from Hoenn, Prof. Rowan from Sinnoh, and Elm from Johto. Those are all types of Wood notably.
Others have already pointed out your errors, but I will too. That, and I am already using the name Silverwind.

I would suggest that you redo that map. It is huge, and barren. Those two things do not go well together. That, and it still looks like Palette Town. Why not call your starting town AzureGale Town? Maybe you could also call the professor Professor Spruce?
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