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Thanks for the coments guys.
I will fix up the map and post a new version.
What i will do according to previous posts:

Fill in huge gaps
Make it less baron
Make it look less like pallet town

Also, I'm not scripting too much right now (math mid-term tomorrow)
But, after that i will, and over the weekend, i will be writing scripts and planning events.

Don't know when i will be able to change the map, but it will get done.

My friend kebbles is going to map route 1 for me, which i will post to you guys when he is done.

And, here are my favorite names:
Town: AzureGale
Region: Florah
Prof. Name: (megiddo picked this name for me, and i liked it) Blazer (i thought it was cool)
Nice job with your choices! Anyway, I remember when I made Route 1 a maze. I made it and it took me 4 minutes to get out of it. I knew it perfectly, but it was tough! (I also added a new trainer there)
I've been on this forum for about 10 years now. You guys wanna see a rare badge? I got some rare badges.