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Thank's, so that's what I did.

For the accuracy, I just followed the Jambo51's advice in his tutorial. Because set accuracy to zero make the move always miss, but set it to 255 will make it never miss. The problem is I don't like seeing accuracy = 255 in move description, it doesn't look legit at all.

Would be great to have a routine that make appear "---" instead of "255" but anyway. Would be cool if you find a way to fix absorb ability
Actually it seems that the absorb abilities are called from the accuracy checker command. So you need to include the accuracy checker as well.
To set the move accuracy to display --- , you need to set the accuracy to 0.
Judgment has 100% accuracy according to bulbapedia not infinite.
Also, you can reduce Judgement's battle script to 2 lines only.
I.e 1. callasm offset
2. goto basic damage script