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Posted May 4th, 2017
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You are using the wrong RAM pointer for Base power.

Instead of 020244E0, use 02024400.

I ported Chaos Rush's Natural gift to Emerald and used the same offsets as you do except for this Base power change, so I assume it should work for Judgement as well. When setting power in G3T/PGE, just set it as 0 and the routine will calculate it for you.

EDIT: Tried to change mine to 020244E0 and the Base Power no longer worked.
Oh thanks to pointing me. But since then I made a new routine (few post above), far more simple than the chaos Rush one. And since a power of 100 is displayed for Judgment, it's much more approriated IMO. Though don't hesitate to post the good Natural Gift routine :)