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Hey, I hope it's not too late to join in?~

Name: Faust
Appearance: Faust doesn't have much interest in fashion, mostly looking like a typical Cubone. He has an off-white, faintly dirt-covered hooded sweater he occasionally wears if he's cold, or if he's aware he'll be entering an uncomfortable situation.
Goals/Motivations: To live a relatively stable life, and to help those in need. Despite this, Faust is a bit on the cowardly side, so he will subconsciously veer away from danger or conflict, and does not like to resort to violence unless necessity demands so. He sees these traits as limits, and aims to overcome them to be the best he can be.
Species: Cubone
Class: Fighter
Your have the skill of Perception and Maneuver, both already explained earlier in the thread.

And you have the skill of Intimidate+ which lets you re-roll intimidate once per day. This skill convinces people to listen to you because you become extremely frightening for a brief moment in conversation. This usually scars away people but can be used to get them to do stuff in a hurry.

Your Class Power: Extension of the Body. Lets you use weapons at +1 Damage. Your Weapon was set to Bone since you're a cubone.

Welcome to the game! The IC link is already posted in the OP. You and eveyrone else are free to reply. Idk why no has replied yet. :P