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"I... I c-challenge you to a b-battle... If you don't mind, that is..."

Maria Cosgrove / Female / 16 Years Old / Jubilife City


Maria sports a somewhat thin body build. The girl is unusually tall for her age, standing at a height of 5'11". Despite the fact that she spends a great deal of time outdoors, Maria seems to always be somewhat light complexioned. This most likely something that can be attributed to her origins in the Sinnoh region. Maria has long, flowing, platinum-blonde hair that easily reaches down past her knees. She usually keeps her hair styled into two twintails, but even then they still manage to be quite long. The girl also sports deep, amber-brown eyes.

In terms of clothing, Maria generally prefers to wear clothes that are somewhat loose and baggy. This includes tank-tops and t-shirts that are often so long that she tends to wear them as dresses of sorts. Maria offsets these tops by usually wearing a pair of black leggings underneath. In terms of footwear, Maria likes to wear boots, seeing them as a good mix of practical and comfort, especially now that she is setting off on a journey across the Kanto region. She completes her outfits by almost always wearing a durable, purple jacket that is somewhat too large for her, despite her tall frame. She is known to wear this jacket even into the early summer. Whether or not this is due to her being a tad cold natured or not, Maria won't say. Now that she is an official trainer, Maria carries a backpack full of various supplies. She keeps the pokballs of her team... or at least, her Turtwig's, on a leather bracelet off of her left wrist.


A shy and extremely timid girl, Maria is somewhat of an oddity, especially considering her rather impressive stature. She is one who always tries to think things through, wanting to make sure that she picks an option that would have the least negative impact to herself and those around her. Because of this, Maria can be a bit indecisive at times which often leads to the girl wanting others to try and make a choice for her. Maria is a girl who's ultimate issue is that she lacks confidence in herself. She is quick to blame herself should something go wrong and at times finds herself wondering if she is a mere hindrance to her friends should they experience something going wrong as well.

Maria is generally one who likes to keep to herself in most situations. She finds interacting with others that she doesn't know well to be very uncomfortable. As a result, this has made it very difficult for her to make friends with those around her. For the few that she has managed to secure however, Maria holds them very dear and would do anything they asked of her if it could help them out in someway. She has an extreme weakness when it comes to anything she happens to find cute, often leaving the tall blonde girl incapable of moving or even thinking of her own volition. Of all things she finds cute however, her biggest target of adoration is in fact Pokmon. Maria manages to find some sort of charm in literally every creature she sees, be it the popular Pikachu to the slithery Ekans. Maria adores the creatures so much that she often makes them the subject of her sketches, a hobby she developed in order to help her calm down when she begins to become quite anxious.


Maria isn't exactly sure what she wants to accomplish on this journey. The girl is aware of her shortcomings, and does indeed hope that she might be able to scrounge up some confidence in herself and perhaps even become more assertive, even if it is just a tiny amount. Being an avid drawer, a hobby that she uses to cope and try to calm down with when she becomes quite anxious, Maria wouldn't mind refining her artist skills while out on the road as well.

Starter Pokmon

Sprout the Turtwig (Male / Jolly / Loves To Eat / Shell Armor)


Tackle | Withdraw | Absorb | Razor Leaf

Name: Tabitha (Tabby) Fray

Age: 16

Goal: "I wanna see everything! No, not just see...experience everything! This world is way too big, and too cool to just be stuck in one tiny part of it!"

Appearance: At 56, she is a decent height for a female. Since she has such trouble standing still, and occasionally forgets to slow down and eat, she is slightly thinner than average. Tabby doesnt have one set fashion style; she can wear a casual jeans/jacket/t-shirt outfit one day and a flashy skirt/top outfit the next, it all depends on how she feels that day. Similarly she travels with a decent amount of hair chalk, and colors a strand or two of her hair in a different color each day.

Tabby rotates between two battling styles: The first being to frustrate her opponents. Examples include using the thunderwave/airslash combination, volt switching between two electric types so they take twice as long to defeat, or locking a Pokemon into an ineffective move with encore (IE Earthquake on a flying type). The second is to be completely, utterly reckless. For example: using self-destruct/explosion when the chips are down. These strategies might not be the best, but according to Tabby, they are the most fun, and thats the point. Whats the point in winning if its all you ever think about? Lifes too short to have only one goal, and its the journey that matters, not the destination.

Speaking of the journey, there is no place Tabby wont go, and shell love every second of it. From the deepest cave to the tallest shopping mall, if you need a friend for the journey, Tabby will gladly be that friendeven if shes never met you. People make the Pokemon journey all the more exciting, she believes, thus she loves meeting and interacting with as many as possible.

Whether you find it charming or obnoxious, Tabby is incredibly hyperactive. She does not do well staying in one place for too long, and if she has the chance, she will choose the most difficult of the paths available to her. Fly back to the city? No way! Lets cross the desert! Who knows what well find out there!
This could make her a bit difficult to handle for the traveling partners she is determined to find.


Confident -- Tabby believes she can accomplish anything, with enough persistence and energy.

Friendly -- Everyone is a friend until proven otherwise.

Brave/risk taker-- A dangerous situation will not stop Tabitha, in fact, she'll seek them out.


Reckless -- Tabby spends the majority of her life rushing into situations without giving any thought to the danger said situation might present.

Hyperactive -- Like the Energizer Bunny, she just keeps going, and going, and going... Often choosing to skip meals or sleep in order to continue on her journey.

Naive: Tabitha's friendly attitude makes her all too easy to take advantage of.

Starter Pokemon:

Emolga: Ziggy (Stardust) ? Ability: Motor Drive.

Moveset: 1. Thundershock 2. Nuzzle 3. Air slash 4. Quick attack 5. Charge 6. Pursuit

/ the g u a r d i a n /


Name: Riku Malcolm Jin
Age: 17 (?)
Goal: A product of a neighborhood where young men are more likely to die from gang violence than finish school, Riku longs for an understanding of life, and happiness, before he has the chance to become another statistic.


Appearance: Riku has a rich, medium to dark complexion (depending on his level of sun exposure), and stands at a moderate 181 cm which fits well with his thin, athletic frame. His dark hair is kept relaxed atop his head in thick locs and contrasts with the clean fade on the sides. His face is used as his first means of defense, almost always mean mugging when relaxed. This isn't actually on purpose but just happens when he's relaxed. It's something he hates and it has been known to shake some of the more fragile individuals who have crossed his path.

Jewelry has always been an in interest of Rikus; it represented wealth, comfort, and everything else he and his family couldnt attain earlier in his life. He found that gold looks best against his skin tone, so he wears small gold hoop earrings and a small gold digital watch. His favorite piece is his late father's thin gold chain that he always keeps around his neck. Prizing comfort just as much as appearance, he always has an outfit for any particular situation. When it comes to adventuring he sticks with black sneakers, the best fitting pair of black jeans he has, and a loose white and black long sleeve. Against harsher weather, hell throw on a light washed distressed denim jacket over. The light grey backpack he wears is made of tough canvas, able to take a decent amount of abuse without falling apart while protecting whatever he decides to carry around.

Personality: Riku always stuck out from those around him, a bright flower that grew in the shadows of the slums. Hes a passionate young man with a strong sense of justice and a readiness to assist the weak. One could argue he's a hypocrite given everything he's done in the past, but he prefers to look at all those years as his way of fighting a system that oppresses people like him, and those around him, and thinks of himself as a sort of robin hood figure. Growing up always looking over his shoulder meant he had to be tough just to survive. He did things that he isn't necessarily proud of, just to make sure his family was able to sleep well at the end of the night -- even if he couldnt. He looks to the world for forgiveness, and tends to stray away from conflict nowadays. If provoked enough, though, he wont hesitate to flip the switch and stand up for what's right.

He believes strongly in the concept of spirituality and it drives his life in many ways. He opts to let the universe bring whatever it desires into his life, to which many have mistaken as being incredibly lax in everything he does. He operates by floating through the different types of energies all around him, and always wades through it all to follow the positivity on the other end. He's not one to shy away from embracing and expressing his emotions, something that was never really accepted by his peers and led to a fair share of taunting and fighting. He never failed to make connections with Pokemon though, and he has always felt a strong pull towards them. The connection he feels with each individual one he meets has always fascinated him.


Bao, male? / / Ability: Thick Fat
Attacks List: Rest, Body Slam, Defense Curl, Power-Up Punch

/ f l o w e r b o y /

Alright, you guys are it. Sorry to the guys that didn't get in. There was nothing wrong with your SUs really and it was a tough decision to make.

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