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Chapter 11: Jealousy and Best Friends Don't Mix

Tracy's POV

I'm anxiously waiting for the storm to pass because I know that my father would embarrass me for sure. Ten minutes later, the rain stops and the wind dies down. Antonio and I say goodbye to his parents and Gracie. Antonio picks up Luna and we start to walk back to the Shiba house. Luckily, when we arrived my family isn't around, so we walk inside the house. Ji, Jayden and Ashley walked up to us.

"JI, where did my dad and the triplets go?"

"They went to the store to get some things for dinner," Ji answers.

"Okay, so Tracy, who is the handsome guy you brought to the house?" Ashley asks.

"It's Antonio. He is my friend," Jayden says.

Jayden introduces Ashley to him. We go to the recovery room, and the whole way Ashley keeps flirting with Antonio. As we enter the room, Antonio walks over to the dog bed and sets Luna down on it. I know Luna will start to whimper as soon as I leave, so I ask Ashley to get the pillow out of our room. I made the pillow from a t-shirt and I put one of my senior pictures on it.

Jayden's POV

I look over at Tracy and notice she is trying to hide the fact that she is jealous of Ashley flirting with Antonio. I offer to go since Ashley is distracted by Antonio. Tracy thanks me and I leave to go to Tracy and Ashley's room. Ji follows me.

"Jayden, so I take it you've noticed that Tracy may have feelings for Antonio?" Ji asks.

"Yes, and that would explain why she is jealous of Ashley,"

"I'm sure they'll talk about it tonight," JI says.

I know, Ji, they will, but what if they don't? Would they risk their friendship over one boy?

JI heads to the kitchen when I get to the entrance to the hallway leading to where the rooms are. I walk down and go into Tracy and Ashley's room. I find the pillow, and I'm a little dubious that a picture of her will keep Luna from whimpering when Tracy leaves the room. I pick it up and go back to the recovery room.

Tracy's POV

Jayden returns and walks up to me. He hands me the pillow. I set it down so the picture is facing Luna so she can see it. Luna sniffs it then licks the photo before grabbing it with her front paws and snuggling it. We walk out of the room while she is distracted.

"Tracy, how did you know that pillow would keep Luna from whimpering?" Antonio asks.

I explain that I read online about how to calm a dog with separation anxiety. I found out that leaving an item with a familiar scent will help keep the dog calm.

"That was smart, so, to change the subject slightly, what happened to your wrist?" Jayden asks.

Antonio explains what happened at Grace's apartment. We walk into the kitchen. I try to ask Antonio a few questions to make sure we are compatible before I even consider risking my friendship with Ashley over this. The only problem is that Ashley won't let me get a word in. So, after we have a light snack, I go outside and sit down on the bench on the front porch. A few seconds later I hear the front door open. I turn my head and see Ji.

"Hi, Ji,"

"Tracy, you like Antonio don't you?" Ji asks.

"I don't know, Ji, I might but after what happened with Adolph Weller, I swore I was never going to date again."

"Tracy, I'm not going to ask what happened while you were dating Adolph, but sometimes life works out in ways you don't expect," Ji says.

"I know, but Ashley and I've been friends since we were four. Even when we started middle school, we promised we'd never let a boy get between us. But, it looks like Ashley forgot about the pact we made."

Ji walks over to me and puts his hand on my shoulder and says, "Tracy, you need to talk to her."

"I know," I sigh.

"If you have been friends for over ten years, I'm sure you'll work things out," Ji says confidently.

Then he pats my shoulder before heading back inside the house.

What am I supposed to tell Ashley? Ashley, I noticed that you have a crush on Antonio, but I did meet him first. No, if I say that she'll think that we'll have to compete for Antonio's heart. I may not know him that well, but I don't want to hurt him. Man, I wish that we never got those message arrows. Still, Ashley should have picked up on the cues that I like Antonio. So I'm not talking to her until she brings it up.