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It is a visual beauty in terms of graphics, in spite of some recycled elements. (sprites, for instance.)

As of time of writing, I’ve just reached Rock Tunnel. I took on Lt. Surge with no Ground-types. Would have preferred if there was no roadblock in the Diglett Tunnel to backtrack to Mt. Moon to find the now hidden Moon Stone, but at least it brought forth a challenge.

That Gambler with a Fissure Diglett swept half of my team in three consecutive goes! My jolly ol’ Magikarp taught him a lesson. No busted Splashes, required.

My current team:
-Beth the Eevee
-Tarzan the Ivysaur
-Thanos the Nidoking
-Triton the Gyarados
-Phoebe the Vulpix
-Bumblebee the Beedrill