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Chapter 21: Meeting Shiba Family Members Part 2

Lauren's POV

I use my symbol power to melt the snow pile. I hear a small groan and kneel in front of her and see the young woman open her eyes. I help her sit up.

"Thank you for freeing me," She says.

"You're welcome. I'm Lauren, what's your name?" I reply.

"Tracy. I know this is a strange question to ask someone who you only met a minute ago, but you and my friend Jayden look alike. Are you two related?" Tracy asks.

"Yes, we are. Jayden is my little brother. I'm his older sister," I answer.

Tracy tries to stand up on her own, but her arms are shaking as she gets a few inches off the ground. I help her stand after she tries two more times to get to her feet. I hear running footsteps and turn towards the sound. I see a five-year-old girl let go of my mom's hand. Tracy groans and the girl gives her a bear hug.

"Thank you for helping me, sissy," the girl says.

"You're welcome, Angela, but you shouldn't have followed me. I told you to stay at the Shiba house," Tracy says.

"So, Angelia is your little sister?" I ask.

"Angelia is one of them. I have one more little sister, Amelia, and little brother, Aaron. They are all 5." Tracy says.

After Angela lets her go, I feel Tracy's left arm slide off my shoulder. She drops to her knees and then rubs her temples. I see Tracy's morpher fall out of her jacket pocket. She picks it up before slowly standing back up. I catch her as she starts to fall back toward the ground.

"Sissy," Angelia shouts.

Tracy turns her head to look at her and says, "Don't worry Angelia, I'm okay I just got dizzy,"

Tracy starts to shiver as the wind begins to pick up. Mom and Francesca run up to us, and Tracy faints. Her face is slowly gaining a feverish appearance.

"is Sissy going to be okay?" Angelia asks.

"Don't worry, sweetie, your sister must have worn herself out by using all her symbol power to make that igloo to protect you from getting hit by the tree branch," Mom says as she crouches down and places her hand on Tracy's forehead.

"We should take her back to our place to rest," Francesca suggests.

"Good idea, I don't like the look of the sky," I say, looking towards the sky seeing dark cloud rolling in.

A few seconds later, I hear a stomach growl. I look over to see Angela's cheeks turn red and chuckle softly.

"it must be getting close to lunchtime," Mom says.

"I'm not sure cause' I'm still learning how to tell time and I don't have a watch," Angelia says.

Mom picks up Angelia, and we start heading to my secret training spot.

Isabella's POV

As we enter the cave, Lauren hands Tracy to Francesca. Lauren takes out her morpher and draws a symbol to light the fire. I see Angelia's eyes light up, watching my daughter use her symbol power. Lauren activates one more symbol, and a cot appears near the fire. Francesca walks over to it and lays Tracy down on it. She gets a blanket and drapes it over her. Then she picks up a bowl and fills it with water and dips a rag in it and puts it on Tracy's forehead. I set Angelia down as Lauren comes over to us.

"Why can Lauren use the fire symbol power? Isn't that Jayden's?" Angelia asks.

"Lauren is the red ranger too. She and Jayden are brother and sister." I reply.

" Why are they apart? Aren't families supposed to be together?" Angela asks.

"Lauren is training to master a special symbol to seal away Master Xandred," I say.

"Has she mastered it?" Angela asks.

"Yes, I have, but I need to stay here," Lauren says.

"Why don't you want to see your brother?" Angela asks.

"I do want to see him, but I have to wait till the right time," Lauren says.

"Why do you have to wait? Can't you come back to the Shiba house when Tracy is better?" Angela asks.