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    Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
    At this point, It could either really be a handful of things, because it seems that each eeveelution matches the color of the their type (and I'm still sticking to my theory on this). It could either be Flying (which is strange because flying is naturally a blue-ish color, but this is GF, after all), or Dragon (in which I hardly see evidence for going by it's physical appearance, but you never know, I guess). .___.

    From the little scene we saw in the movie about it, expect a special attacker. That's all I'll say. Perhaps a special flying type, if it comes to that (not that we really have enough of those anyway. Good ones anyway, not since Togekiss in Gen IV).

    Gen V brought us perhaps the best special flying-type we know: Tornadus-T.
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