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"Understand them huh? So... kind of like a pokemon researcher huh? Or Professor? Seem's like big work but they play a real big role in discovering new kinds of Pokemon and learning more about them in general." Mark said. He looked down at Jello and back to Alice.

"I pretty much want to get better at battling... learn some good techniques and maybe form a unique battle style myself. I'm aiming to be champion one day... if not that, I'd personally love to be a gym leader." He continued.

Snype scratched the back of his head seeing how timid Jello was. He twitched a bit when he heard Jello speak to him telepathically... felt weird but he'd just have to get used to it.

"Jello eh? I'm Snype! Aiming to be a true spirit of Halloween tonight! You doing anything special for halloween?" Snype asked.

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