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    Count, Kiyoko!
    Still Growing

    ~Ichi, Ni, San, Shi!~


    So. . . how old are you anyways Kiyoko?

    He smiled taking his finger out of his mouth. He held Zoroark's paw with his left hand, looking down at his right hand. He raised his fingers, counting them slowly. "Ichi... Ni... San... Shi..." "One... Two... Three... Four..." He then threw his hand up in the air, four fingers up, smiling with an open mouth to Zoroark, and exclaimed, "Shi! Shi!" "Four! Four!" He grinned cheerily up at Zoroark, his mouth wide in a smile. He was smiling up to Zoroark, his teeth showing; small fangs were growing at each corner of his mouth. This was abnormal, but then again, Kiyoko's been anything but normal.

    Among his teeth were four small fangs, still growing, still fairly dull. They weren't very sharp. He smiled for a few moments, then returned to normal, his finger finding its way back into his mouth, looking onward, starting to hum a quiet tune. He was looking over to N, wondering where they were taking him to. Just being close to the Zoroark made him feel safe; he was pretty sure they weren't taking him to a lab or something. Were they going to a hotel? A house? Kiyoko didn't know very many other places, let alone he was on an island that he'd never been on before.

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