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    A Loving Gesture...


    "You won't burden us."

    . . . Too many people chased me. People always either tried to catch me or get rid of me, Zoroark replied to the pokemon.

    "It's. . . possible to teach you to speak. It's a rare thing to do considering most pokemon can't exactly speak the same language humans can but. . . it's possible. . . . My friends and I are more or less an odd family of our own. They are the only family I've really had all my life. We would love to have you a part of it if you wanted to stay with us. If I recall. . . it's possible for Zorua and Lucario's evolutionary lines to learn telepathy, but it's still a very rare ability that not all pokemon have. I don't even know where to begin on how to teach pokemon telepathy. . . Well. I never exactly tried teaching my friends telepathy because I could understand what they were saying without telepathy. It's possible you could use both telepathy and illusions to make it seem like you are talking to another human if you tried. Still, it would be rather hard. Looking at how you are now, your current age and some of the injuries you've sustained, it will be rather difficult at first. But still it's possible. . . While I never taught my friends how to use telepathy. . . there is one friend I have who possesses that power. He. . . could help but. . . I don't know if you'd want to meet him right now though."

    Kiyoko shook, looking up at them both, tears running, nearly speechless after hearing the offer. Th-these two.... My family...? I... I-I... He opened his teary purple eyes to look up at N, and Zoroark. He whimpered slightly as the tears ran, and in response, buried himself into N's arms snuggling as close as he possibly could. This was the most comfortable feeling he could remember. "M-my parents died.... Daddy was killed trying to keep the 'R' men away from Mommy and I... But they got both of us... A-and... M-mommy died by all of their experiments... And I-I was going to do the same experiment that killed her but I got away as soon as they opened the cage... I-I ran until I was knocked out, I was in the water... And I woke up here... U-um... They experimented on me for years... And... They gave me something called a Pokerus that they said would make me grow stronger... Th-they gave me a little bit of stale bread every day..."

    He shivered and tucked himself deeper into N's arms. Honestly he didn't want to leave this position, even when his stomache let out a weakened growl. I-I really should eat... B-but... I don't want to move away from here... He was more relaxed in N's arms, and his tears had slowed to a stop. "I-I would like to learn to talk... But I just don't want to be alone right now..."

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