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    Anna felt a little flustered, as evidenced by the pink that flushed into her cheeks. There was a weird aura about the moment, as if she didn't feel too uncomfortable around Takumi's impeccable mannerisms and in that, she suddenly felt embarrassed. It was beginning to feel odd to her. She normally had issues dealing with other teens but this one came off to her more like a mature adult than say the others clamoring to see her Aerodactyl.

    "O-Oh no, you didn't get in the way of anything," she softly replied. Then the offer of invitation, well self invitation. She let her eyes drift to Elizabeth for a moment and thought about how she would feel...then contemplated how she felt. "Well...maybe you can meet us in the city, but I wouldn't want to get in the way of your studies." She gave a curt bow to him and hoped that was polite enough. "Either uhm...way, it was my plan to be sort of giving her a treat today."

    There was no way she'd accept anything less than paying for Elizabeth's food. Nope. No way.

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