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    > Anyone else think "Nacrene" sounds weird?
    > "Cilan" still sounds odd :(
    > Ash and Cilan stare blankly at nothing for a few seconds. :/
    > Iris shut up you haven't tasted the amazingness that is Cilan-- I mean, Cilan's cooking. Yeah.
    > "I'm so happy that you're enjoying it." Sounds awkward and slightly condescending.
    > Backhanded complement is totally over Ash's head.
    > Just noticed the shaking grass is reminiscent of the games.
    > You know I'm not even gonna complain about the theme anymore. It isn't gonna change anytime soon. :/
    > You know I just find it odd that people in-universe say "starter Pokemon". I mean so many people start off with like... Yorterrie and Chillarmy, I'm sure. Or even Yabukuron.
    > Why the random "Awesome" thrown in the middle of a sentence?
    > Cilan the encyclopedia.
    > Snivy sounds super feminine. Makes me wonder about later things.
    > "I wonder.... .... ... if it abandoned .... its trainer!" What's up with the massive pauses? :/
    > "What does that mean?" ARE YOU FOR REAL?!
    > Why do you laugh at the pain of Pokemon, Ash? D:
    > James you just love to show off with your big words.
    > "It's a Snivy! Yes!" ...Affirming your own statement?
    > Slash? Looks a hell of a lot like fury swipes to me...
    > Iris. He has a perfectly good reason for what he does. SHUT UP.
    > That Pokemon is Snivy. <3
    > This bgm. It is new.
    > Your misplaced confidence is cute, Cilan.
    > "Win the Unova League" just sounds awkward.

    Wow. Lots of the dialogue sounds very awkward. And there are lots of random pauses.
    Good news is Cilan's voice is getting better.
    i want to believe
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