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Originally Posted by okjoek View Post
Gunk shot
Brick break
Interesting choice, but I prefer using Curse Muks or even Stalling Muks x] How does this set work out for you? I think Muk's an important Pokémon to take advantage of its bulk with tbh. :3

Originally Posted by ToxicGame View Post
Poison Club YAY ! And the title of this thread has the word Toxic in it... it is a sign ! I want to join !

Name : ToxicGame
Partner : Ariados
Reason : It's my favorite type (as you can see from my username) and I'm currently doing the Ultimate Monotype Challenge with it... I think it's a must for a good strategy, some of the pokémon have a great design (Nidoran family, Spinarak family, Seviper and Arbok are among my favorites) and they can't be poisoned. What more can I ask ?
Hi there, welcome to the club! :D Omg I love the Spinarak family so much <3 Ariados is such a cool Pokémon! But what exactly do you love about it so much? c: The ability to never be poisoned is incredibly useful as Toxic is a horrid move to come up against if you're not prepared, so I have to agree with that being one of their best traits. :3 So what image do you think Poison types generally tend to have in Pokémon media? (ie good or evil?)