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Took these deliverers forever, eh? My package shipped yesterday, and it was within the same country. Hmm...

So! I ran through the package checklist, inserted the game card, and off we go to yet another adventure. It took me forever to reset for a Snivy that I can get behind with, but since this is the beginning and in-game, I'm going to have bigger tolerances. So we have Keiran, a male Snivy, eh? He's quite the one that can take quite a beating and dish it out at the same time.

Hugh indeed got served, several times. The very first routes are a breeze, as well as the beginning Trainer battles. Heck, I even breezed through Cheren's Gym, and the Oran Berries that Alder gave me earlier came in super handy - I didn't have to waste a turn just for a Potion which is just as easily wasted.

Sure enough, Snivy laid waste to Cheren. Everything. I swear, I think I'm on easy mode even though I am not...

Oh, and Pokemon Dream Radar sure came in handy in filling in my party with useful Pokemon. I got a duplicate Drifloon, though, so it got stashed to the PC Boxes. Oh, and a Purrloin I caught in the game, I named it LD (after a certain beloved fuzzy purple cat LugiaDialga that is in PC), and, well, kept it in. Time to find some Audino around Virbank to get the rest of my team to around level 17 or so...

Hugh's some guy with personality... and issues, I've noticed.