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I just started yesterday and this time i'm going to take it pretty slow so that I may enjoy the game to the fullest! I plan on ev training my true team through the game to make it last longer and I plan on hunting for decent natures and decent iv's.

Trainer name: Turn
Starter: Tepig (Kosher)
It took me awhile to get a nice nature. I ended up with Naughty and I think ok iv's I can't remember them I'll check them later.

So as soon as Kosher and I began our journey the professor's assistant insisted that I have a pokemon battle with Hugh. Although I wanted to start my journey right away, I'm not a punk lol So Kosher destroyed Hugh's Oshawott and we got a little cash for the win! I'm about to head off on my journey but hugh's little sister stops me and gives me a town map....but there is a catch! I have to give one to her brother as well. Even though this slows my journey down it was a free town map so I guess i'll go find him. So as soon as I was making my way to the next town I got stopped by this dude with red hair......I think his name was Adler. SO MANY INTERRUPTIONS!! He told me a bit about my pokemon and told me that he would train me but first he would let me deliver a town map to hugh. So on my way to the next route I challenge trainers or rather they challenge me and I stumble across a ranch while catching pokemon along the way. I step inside of the ranch and Hugh wants to fight again. He was so pumped i couldn't even get out that I was trying to give him the town map. So I had to beat him, again! After he gave me more money, I gave him his town map. While on the ranch the couple who owned it lost a Herdier and asked us if we could possibly locate it. So Hugh and I went looking for it and I ran across the lost Herdier along with someone who said they were from team plasma.......weren't they crushed by someone? Anyway, I returned the herdier to the couple and headed back to Adler for training. Once I made it back to him, he told me that it looked like I became a bit experienced so he wanted me to battle against some trainers and I did because I'm no punk! lol So I beat the trainers in there and made my way back to my hometown to take on the gym leader! So I start running because I'm super anxious and what happens? I get stopped by yet another person. This time someone talking about medals of some sort. So I kinda ignore him, take the box and the medals, say goodbye and try to get back to town! I finally make it to the gym/school and someone tells me that I can get a fighting type from the farm and that there were Riolu there! My eyes got huge! Wow I could actually catch Riolu? OH YEAH!!! I think I found a new pokemon for my team but I don't want to capture him in a regular pokeball....well I guess I'll beat the gym leader first and then go capture my Riolu. So I make it to the gym and come to find out Cheren is the gym leader! Go figure! He tells me to beat his two trainers before I can fight him and I did. Now I'm having a tough time fighting him because I only have one pokemon for my real team and the others i'm trying to level up together so it takes awhile but planning and strategy helps me with the win. Now I have my first badge! Time to go buy some great balls and get Riolu! So I head back to the ranch and after a hour, i got a riolu with a mild nature but amazing iv's! I named him Auro! So now I'm stuck deciding if I want to ev train with no equipment, or wait for a macho brace, or wait even more for vitamins.....decisions decisions.....