Thread: Development: Adding New Moves to Gen 3
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    Regarding move descriptions, when I try to point to other areas in the rom for the descriptions, it will bring up other random text, no matter where I point it.

    At first I just repointed the pointer table, and that worked just fine, but trying to add a new pointer at the end for the 355th move in the rom would never work. It would just pick a random thing of text, and if I changed another move, like Growl, to the description that I put in free space, it would pick another text even if it was the same offset as the custom move.

    The only time any new description would work is if I put it after Psycho Boost without repointing all of the move descriptions, and when I tried repointing all the move descriptions, nothing works.

    Is there another pointer that I have to set to get this to work right? I've been trying all sorts of different things, but I've run into this problem. After trying everything, I figured I should ask here. I got everything else to work, my new move does damage and it does everything that it should do, but I can't figure out what to do about move descriptions for the life of me.
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