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    Originally Posted by anger2headshot View Post
    EDIT: Just remembered - D/P Pokemon centres, marts and gyms? Where'd that idea come from? O_o
    It comes from the idea that I want SG to be a mix of generations, that's why there are GBC, GBA and DS graphics.

    Originally Posted by OMNIPOTENT View Post
    -i downloaded the last version: in the burnt tower there's still the smashing rock. in the "old bugs" you said u removed it. what's the truth? :P
    -ehr, i met the kurt's evil clone XD
    *can't post url to other sites i haven't 15 posts -_-'*
    www . zshare . net/image/31818270ced35d/
    give him the white apricorn after the slowpoke well, then i came back after HM01 to obtain the charcoal. in this time, i found this. the busy kurtz says go away, the free one if u have apricorns bring them to me, so the ball wasn't ready yet. to you
    I'm not that sure if you have the newest version because of the rock, it must not be there, on either version (normal or X), if I took it out of the list is because I removed it.
    And about Kurt, I'll follow your steps to see what I get once I get some time (I bet it won't happen to me XD)

    Originally Posted by girifarig View Post
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but will the Viridian City trainer House be back. Obviously it won't have the luxury of taking the trainer's party from mystery gift, but will it hold a few really good trainers that you can battle over and over? (Cal should make an appearance in there if there is a trainer house. He's the one with the Meganium, Typhlosion, and Feraligatr)
    Also, if I remember correctly, in the Celedon Dept. Store you weren't allowed to buy stones, will this change?
    Will the Rocket underground hideout under the game corner still be in there?
    Will there be a radio tower in lavender or will it still be a memorial tower?.
    what will the new building in vermilion be?
    anyway if you get a chance and would like to address these questions feel free, if you would rather let us all figure it out in the next beta (released whenever you decide) thats fine too.
    The Trainer House will contain our good friend CAL (because that's what I'm gonna get when I get to Viridian, so I'll stick to what I get)
    Yes, you will not be able to get Stones till much later in the game.
    To Jess and Jamie's surprise, the Hideout is not there anymore... (just like in the original, after all)
    The new building will be decided later...

    Originally Posted by kyogre1940 View Post
    I have 2 questions. First, there appears to be a glitch in the Dragon's Den. After I get the Dragon Fang, I talk to Claire and it freezes up! Why?! I got the new beta, not cheating, everything! My 2nd question is, why aren't you using my music? :( I'll send you a couple more, but for the most part...
    You are not supposed to talk to her. You are supposed to step in a tile that makes her dissappear from the Den, so you will not see her till you take the item (the Dragon Fang) on the floor. Once you get the item, she will appear, give you the Badge and then disappear again.

    If something didn't work like I mentioned, tell me exactly what went wrong, as it could help me to spot a leak in the script (or it could mean: either a flag problem, or a rom problem, though improbable)

    Originally Posted by PokeFanatic12698 View Post
    cant wait til its finished.hmm i wonder if someone might make a hack just as good as zel's.
    Yeah, the good thing is that the hackers are really giving a good effort to improve their games (I'd be happy if SG contributed to improving the overall level of hacks :D) And, I saw a lot of cool stuff thought in many hacks. They have the advantage of being more original than me, 'cause I must stick to a set story...

    Originally Posted by RiderLeangle View Post
    And I see with the Slowpoke Tail thing you added the text "(Poor Thing)" which I don't remember from Silver (Never got Gold).
    Yeah, the original Gold's item's descriptions are quite short, so I usually add some stuff (most of the time is funny stuff ^^), to fit a few more words there.

    Originally Posted by rei173 View Post
    Anyways Zel did u create the Overworlds and the sprite when your choosing the Hero or Heroine for Gold and the final evolution of the starter revamps? Because I swear I've seen the same sprites in a website,if you want,I can PM you the link to the spritework.
    Yes, I think I know what you are refering about. Yes, it's because the author (Marnic) posted his work there. I really didn't know of his existance till he decided to PM me his work :)
    And now he's colaborating with new sprites.

    That's all I have (cause I said to avoid the pirate stuff, just say NO to them, as always ;)), and also stop the "playing the game on flashcards and that kind of stuff" at least for a while, to avoid getting offtopic, thanks.

    Onto the game, if you checked the First Post, I have updated the Progress Section, as I have finally stepped out of Celadon. Now I'm heading to Cycling Road, and mainly I'm heading to a lot of Routes, so it'll all be just fixing a bit the maps and editing A LOT of battles, but it'll not be hard work, so I expect to make them fast, and in the end, reaching Fuchsia by Monday (Thursday Uni starts again, but since it won't be that hard at the beginning I'll keep the rythm for a while)

    ...Sigh... I'm breathless (huh? I thought I was writing? O.o), well, see ya later!

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