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    Originally Posted by arbok View Post
    Well, Carnivine and Mime Jr. bring out the softer side of James which clearly isn't the angle they're going for. Wobuffet would proberly ruin their plans by coming out randomly so those would be legit reasons but Yanmega and Seviper could easily have stayed if the writers didn't want to start everything fresh.
    Yep yep.

    Originally Posted by arbok View Post
    Butch and Cassidy have worked with Jessie and James before just not all together (Butch + Jessie and Cassidy + James) but there is a lot of tension there.
    Definitely :P. Actually, it would've been a good episode topic to make them work together on a mission (in previous series). That or bring back Domino, but I'm repeating myself again. So many wishes. Hopeless wishes lol.